Passive Drug Detection Dogs

At Empire Security Solutions Ltd our Drugs Detection Dog Teams work with a
variety of organizations throughout the South East. These include local
Police forces, The NHS, local Councils and DAT Teams, Detention Centre's and
Supportive Housing Associations. References of our work can be supplied
upon request and demonstrations of our dogs and handlers can be provided.

Passive Detection Dogs – The role of these dogs is detecting the presence of controlled drugs on a person. On detection of drugs the dogs are trained to sit at the find. All our dogs and handlers are deployed in a variety of environments (Safety Permitting) working both moving and static lines and groups of people without coming into contact with them.

All our Drugs Detection dogs and handlers undergo continuation training in order to maintain them at the highest standard of operational efficiency. We are independently assessed and maintain rigorous training schedules. Drugs dogs are an effective deterrent and can be deployed overtly or covertly depending on you the client.  All inquiries are treated in the strictest confidence and all our operations are kept strictly confidential.


**images to the right courtesy of at the Truck Festival