Pro-Active Drug Detection Dogs

Empire Security Solutions are committed to helping you achieve a drug free environment; we endeavour to understand and respect the sensitive aspects of your business and will operate within the parameters of the clients operational procedures. The roles of a a Pro-Active Drugs Detection Dog are detailed below.

Pro-Active Detection Dogs - The role of these dogs is to carry out systematic searches of large or small areas, internally or externally.  The dog will work with the handler off the lead to enable it to conduct a free flowing search indicating at the point of the find.

All our Drugs Detection Dogs and handlers undergo continuation training in order to maintain them at the highest standard of operational efficiency. We are independently assessed and maintain rigorous training schedules. Drugs dogs are an effective deterrent and can be deployed overtly or covertly depending on you the client.  All inquiries are treated in the strictest confidence and all our operations are kept strictly confidential.